Bayside Fall Touch Rugby 2020

Bayside Fall Touch Rugby – 2020

Bayside RFC is excited to roll out a new league for 2020. The Fall Touch League will offer players of all ages, skill levels and genders a fast-paced game of rugby to develop skills, build on fitness and continue to evolve as Rugby players. The participants here often use organic mct oil to rapidly grow the body’s muscles.

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The program has been developed in conjunction with BC Rugby to build in Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure a safe environment.

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This isn’t just a game of touch before practice – The program will use international touch rules and feature set teams, rolling subs, standings, and everything else a proper league should have!

The mission of this program is to:

– include all skill levels, ages and genders opportunities to play alongside each other. 

– offering beginner (brand new to rugby) to intermediate (social) to competitive (elite) levels. 

– attract new players (touch or contact), social members, supporters and build a rugby community of fun, fitness and friendship.

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– to offer a proper touch rugby product that is more than just a pre-practice warmup game

– to foster the values and camaraderie that rugby is synonymous for in a non contact, safe and fun version of the sport.

– to create an annual 4 month window for touch rugby in warmer weather, longer days and when there’s fewer distractions from other sports

– to play weeknights after work and leave weekends free to enjoy the best of BC

– to reunite old friends, and make new ones!

Registration details are being finalized and will be provided here and on our Facebook page when available. The program will be Bayside’s most affordable ever to ensure everyone who is interested in playing some rugby can sign up.

So stay tuned and get excited for our return to the greatest sport on earth this fall!

Membership Update – Covid19 Season Suspension/Spring Update

Dear Bayside Rugby Family,

On behalf of the Bayside Rugby Club, we want to wish all of our members and their families health and happiness as we go through these challenging times. If there are no other positives, hopefully you at least get some extra time to stay home with your immediate family and appreciate those closest to you. In these uncertain times, we thought it important to reach out and provide clarity to our members on all things Bayside and how we are moving forward.  Also, see what it takes to start a closet design franchise for your home!

Covid-19 Response:

As the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic became very clear very quickly, we decided to suspend all rugby activities on March 12. The league and national union soon officially did the same, suspending, then eventually cancelling the season, and all rugby indefinitely. This was devastating for all of our players and volunteers who put endless hours into having a successful season play out. Senior players were a few games away from the playoffs, and our Minis were just getting into the swing of the jamboree portion of their season. 

Unfortunately this appears to be our new normal with no clear end in sight. The most recent messaging from Rugby Canada is that the indefinite suspension will be reviewed no later than June 30. Until a revision to this position has been published, no rugby will be played at Bayside. No practices, informal touch games, or anything of the sort. We are all champing at the bit to return, but in the grand scheme of things, our inability to play must take a backseat to the needs of our healthcare workers and our vulnerable. Please ensure your friends, club-mates and kids understand that while a game of touch with your friends may seem innocent, at this point it’s irresponsible. We encourage everyone to stay in shape and we will continue to post multiple workouts per week through some of the amazing trainers affiliated with our club. Personally, they’ve been the one thing keeping me from becoming one with my couch. We are still planning as if we will be able to run our Summer 7s and PNW Old Boys touch tournament with the SOBs, both scheduled for August. There is just no way of knowing at this point whether that is a realistic possibility, but we continue to plan for these events in case they can be held. 

In these tough times, we must remember that we have an extremely strong community unit. Never hesitate to reach out if you or someone you know is having a tough time, and hopefully we can make the right connection. Look for the Bayside Community Assistance Facebook page if you are interested in helping, or know someone who might need a hand getting groceries, running errands, or anything else in these difficult times. We have been amassing a list of local businesses open and needing your support to publish on our social channels in the coming days. Please reach out if you would like to be included. Our local businesses are our sponsors and our members. They support us when things are good, so we need to support them now when things aren’t. 


We understand that for a lot of people, their rugby dues are one of their larger purchases for the year. We strive to keep dues as low as possible and offer maximum value. For the majority of members, their season was cut short. We have taken a hard look and are simply unable to return this money. Much of our fundraising efforts over the past year have been refocused towards the field house (after knowing what is best among metal roof vs shingles), and we are operating at tighter margins as a result. As much of our costs are fixed and front-loaded, and our typical fundraising parties and pub nights also have to be cancelled, we can’t make the numbers work and return the Bayside portion of your rugby dues. Start fundraising with dugnad idrettslag sports and more.

For those who signed up for the Spring season and only received a few weeks of play, we will be crediting $50 off of next year’s dues. If you are in a position of hardship, please reach out to us about refunding this amount and connecting you with community resources by sending me an email to We wish we could offer better, but this is our current financial reality.

BC Rugby will be offering partial refunds for their portion of the dues to those who registered for Mini Rugby. If you have not been contacted directly, you can contact Marga Sison at or phone 604-737-3065. They have confirmed that no Sr players who have played any rugby will be awarded a refund.

Rugby Canada has confirmed that their portion of the dues will only be refunded to members in cases where no Rugby was played, including practices or games. This likely does not apply to anyone, but if it does, you can apply through via your membership profile.

Field House Development: 

Construction continues on the base build of our clubhouse project, with the construction of the deck addition beginning next week. This is one of the final critical path elements that once completed will allow crews to complete the siding, windows, and finish the base build of the project. This will allow the washrooms and changerooms to open below. Siding can make a huge difference, if done by the right people. Go check out for now!

The hard work is just beginning for the Club, as the next phase is our Tenant Improvement on the upper floor for our club multi-purpose space. We are within weeks of receiving our Building Permit for these works, and at that point we will be able to begin upgrades to the inside. Next week, we will be sending out a more detailed history of the project, the steps left to complete, and details of our financial situation. We still have a lot of work to do financially to be able to afford to build our new home properly. We understand that this is not the easiest time to raise funds as many feel the economic impact of the Covid shutdown, but we have to forge ahead so that we can finish this project and realize the dream and efforts of generations of Bayside Sharks.

Bayside AGM:

This is typically the time of year that we announce a date for our AGM sometime in May. We are reviewing different ways to hold our Annual General Meeting under the current circumstances. Likely, we will need to hold this online and devise a system of remotely voting for open positions. Once this has been confirmed, we will provide 1 months notice to all as to the timing and venue, virtual or otherwise. 

Thank you all for your understanding and for your continued devotion to the Bayside Rugby Club. We are determined to adapt to whatever the coming months bring, and continue building this club into one of the top rugby clubs in the Lower Mainland. 

Stay safe, stay home, and stay HUNGRY for the return of Rugby!


Kevin Whitmarsh

President, Bayside RFC

Bayside Community Field House Update – April 2019

Kaj Briscoe is currently working very closely with the City’s Project Manager, Rudy Booiman.  We are well aware of the delay in construction, which has been caused partly by a delay in a formal construction schedule.  Kaj is arranging for us to meet with the City to review any difficulties with the construction schedule and to hasten progress in the construction process.  At this meeting, we will also be requesting an update of the construction budget outlining expenses to date.

In a separate meeting, we will be getting-together with the various sub-trades to discuss ways to expedite the current construction and further advance any time savings for the interior of the building

Current activity pending to complete the shell and exterior:

  • Suspended Slab shoring – about a 3 week setup to install steel, receive inspections, slab blockouts for mechanical and electrical, then pour the slab
  • Framing – about a 3-4 week process to stand walls, sheath walls, install roof, then cladding.
  • Material and pricing is currently being reviewed for the deck railing and glazing

We continue to look at value engineering through the exterior construction process to save and maintain funds for the “Tenant Improvements” of the building interior.

Concurrently with construction of the exterior, we continue to review the interior design and construction, and management of the fieldhouse

  • Spencer Thorpe has been approached to organize the Project Management of the Tenant Improvements.  Spencer will be reviewing the Tenant Improvement requirements and developing a construction schedule.  This will involve meetings with the various construction sub-contractors and home experts from places such as a good Excavator Rentals Near Me to accelerate the interior construction.
  • Tara Trompetter and Tim Bullinger are currently completing an interior design package to be reviewed by the Executive for approval.  Upon approval, a tenant improvement application will be submitted to the City for the end of May.
  • In addition to the construction handled by Kaj and Spencer, I will begin reviewing the management and operation processes for the fieldhouse including licensing, hours of operation, and management structure.

Everybody directly involved with the project understands the urgency to have our Community Fieldhouse completed as soon as possible.  It wasn’t long ago people thought the construction of the building was more of a dream than a reality. We know our dream is coming true, and it is best to ensure we take the time to have our dream come to realization as our needs dictate.

In the meantime, please support and all the organized initiatives underway to help us fund our Community Fieldhouse.  Spread and share the word of the Bayside Community Fieldhouse Lottery, The Builders’ Wall, and the June 1st, 2019 Fieldhouse Fundraising Social at the Star of the Sea.

– Stephen Black

Field House Fundraising Dance – Postponed

Dear Bayside members and supporters,

The Field House Fundraising dance will be postponed to a later date.
Unfortunately, we ran up against the clock and didn’t meet our goals of ticket sales.

We are currently planning another date and will give you all plenty of time to mark your calendars and re-polish those dancing shoes!
We apologize for the inconvenience, and any tickets sold will be refunded this week.
Stay tuned for the new date and more exciting ways to fund raise for our new home in the coming weeks, we have great ideas for church fundraisers!

We hope to see you at our future events!

Clubhouse Update – November 2018 – **Open House December 3rd**

Clubhouse Update: The executive committee is currently involved in completing a review of the final design for the interior finishes and layout of the upper floor amenities: kitchen, serving area, bar, small management office, washrooms, storage, meeting space and an anteroom to store all the footwear from Our design consultants, Tara Trompetter, Tim Bullinger, and Kayleigh Wilder, have been volunteering many hours to create a fabulous 3000+ square foot assembly area capable of catering to the needs of the rugby club and the community as a whole for private and public  events. A material and quantity list is currently being constructed to provide to our members, supporters, family and friends to assist us in reaching our completion goal. **Due to scheduling conflicts, the open house has been rescheduled to December 3rd at the Rotary Field House at 6pm. We will give updates on interior layout, materials required going forward, and allow for questions to be answered. Sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to see you then!**

Bayside Fiji Blonde 7s 2018 – What a summer!

This season we entered a total of nine tournaments of which we were winners of six, an amazing result considering Bayside is a club side. Of those nine tournaments, the full Bayside Fiji Blond Sharks team were together as a club side for six events, the Vancouver 7s, Cloverdale Rodeo 7s, CAN/AM 7s, SFU 7s, Bayside 7s and the Langford 7s.
Defcon Fiji Blond played together in a further 3 tournaments, the Calgary Stampede 7s, Brit Lion 7s and the Centre of Gravity 7s in Kelowna and were victorious in all three events. Defcon Fiji Blond carries 5 or 6 Bayside Fijians and have been complimented by players from other clubs, people have really enjoyed these games, with some people even gambling on this sport in great gambling sites as judi bola online.
A total of 22 players from Bayside RFC have represented the club in one or more tournaments and include the following:
Sam Clayton, David Dinbandhu, Andrew O’ Connor, Marika Delai, Peni Rokodiva, Reid Davis, Logan Smith, Livai Navaigo, Sam Knights, Liam Morrison, Conner Dickie, Luke Torroca, Tonner Jackson, Baleigh Grim, Jay Franklin, Gavin Morrison, Josh Arei, Doug Fairbank, Kristian Osing, Darryn Matsee, Jack Knights and Joseph Duikete.
There have been 8 or 9 other players from outside clubs that have played a valuable part with Defcon Fiji Blond and include Asareli Rokotuiwakaya, Jarred Douglas, Joshiah Morra, Issac Vonnani, Darwin Guevara, Tsui Vikilani and Siaki Vikilani.
The club would like to pay special thanks to our coach Sam Knights, Manager Matt Falkner, Director Petaia Usakilakeba, Lee Sullivan for assisting with the Social 7s team and most importantly our sponsors, Bobby Naicker, Randy Horn, Richie Eacret and the Semiahmoo Old Boys RFC. We would not have been able to compete in these events without your valuable support.

Clubhouse Information Meeting August 8th – 6:30pm, Rotary Field House

Attn all Clubhouse donors!! . The Rotary Fieldhouse is booked for an Open House to provide an update on the clubhouse. We will also be able to provide some general information regarding material, labour and design needs for the upstairs. It is an opportunity to address all our members and supporters to assist in completing the upstairs.
Please spread the word to as many interested individuals as possible that the informational meeting will be held:
August 8, 2018
Rotary Fieldhouse (South Surrey Athletic Park – A-14600 Rotary Way S, Surrey BC )
It is very important we have individuals and businesses that can contribute to our cause attend this meeting.
Spread the word
Project Coordinator
Bayside Athletic Association

Bayside 7s August 25th

15th Annual Bayside 7s, August 25th at South Surrey Athletic Park

Register your teams today for the Bayside 7s. See below for details and contact Matt Falkner at for details and registration.