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Bayside Rugby Program Details:

Summer Touch Rugby League
Mini Rugby Program – Grades K-7 

Junior Rugby Program – Grades 8-13 
Women’s Rugby Program
Men’s Rugby Program
Semiahmoo Old Boys (Over 35) Program 

Summer Rugby Registration is OPENING SOON!

    Our Goal at Bayside: To create an environment for players to develop their rugby skills as individuals and to build a strong and positive team environment. Coaches, parents and players will be expected to behave in a manner that is conducive to a positive team environment. Please review Player and Parent/Guardian codes of conduct located below. There will be zero tolerance for behavior that is not supportive of all teams or the positive values of Bayside Athletic Associations Rugby Program.

    A Few Program Notes:

    • All general information including divisional contacts, schedules and practice times can be found on the Bayside website at
    • Communication regarding schedule updates will occur via Team Snap organizational app. Team practice times and current schedule are initially posted on our website for reference but Team Snap is the primary communication method. You will receive an invite to join your specific team
    • Clubhouse Construction: Our Bayside Clubhouse is currently under construction. Sponsors, donors and volunteer help are actively being sought. Please reach out to your Divisional Directors on how to get involved.
    • Bayside Club provides each team with a set of game day jerseys that are returned to the club. Each player is required to wear club shorts and socks. Additional club kit will be available field side for purchase.
    • Contact Rugby Players are required to have mouth guards during practices and games – no mouth guard no play.

    A Few Key Program Highlights:

    • Mid Aug – Pre-Season Practices Start for Men’s, Women’s and our Junior’s Programs. Minis program starts at the End of January.
    • Watch for the Annual Men’s Salmon & Cod Sale. Great value for a great cause…
    • Watch for the Annual Club Bingo Night hosted by the Women’s program in Spring…
    • Watch for our Vancouver HSBC Rugby Sevens Ticket sales – in our reserved Bayside section. Usually on Sale in October…
    • Watch for Bayside Sevens Raffle ticket sales – Hugely sought-after grand prize of a Night downtown and 2 weekend passes to the Vancouver Sevens. Second Prize is a big screen TV. Proceeds go to each Bayside Division based on their individual sales…

    Key Club Contacts:

    – President: Kevin Whitmarsh

    – Vice President: Radhika Sikhakhane

    – Secretary: Emily Empey

    – Club Registrar: Chris Lyon

    – Treasurer: Graham Rogers

    – Sponsorship: Aidan Ward

    – Men’s Director: Geoff Cutler

    – Women’s Director: Paige Smith

    – Junior’s Director: (U14-U19 – Grades 8-13): Andrew Fiddis

    – Mini’s Director (U6-U13 – Kindergarten-Grade 7): Fiona Kehler

    Player Code of Conduct:

    • I will practice and encourage good sportsmanship with all players, coaches, administrators, game officials at every game, practice and event.
    • I realize that I have a responsibility as a member of a team sport and will do my best to support the team throughout the season. I will always try my best.
    • I will attend every practice, game and team event that is possible and will give my coach reasonable notice prior to any practice, game or event, if I am unable to attend.
    • I will do my best to listen and learn from my coaches. I will treat not only my coaches but also all coaches, players and game officials with respect and I will expect to be treated with respect in return.
    • I will accept the decisions of coaches, team staff and officials without incident and will abide by the rules.
    • If I disagree with a coaching or team staff decision I will speak to the coach or team staff directly to express my views in a respectful manner. Where applicable, I will speak to my parents who may act on my behalf.
    • I deserve to play in an alcohol, drug and smoke free environment and expect all participants to respect my wishes.
    • I will always try to be on time for games and practices.
    • I will remember that Rugby is an opportunity to learn and to have fun.
    • I will agree to refrain from foul language, taunting, and talking disrespectfully.
    • I will not accept or participate in bullying of any player physically, verbally and emotionally.
    • I acknowledge that all persons have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
    • Failure to comply with the above may result in my temporary or permanent suspension of playing privileges.

    Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct: 

    • I will encourage good sportsmanship by supporting all players and applauding both teams.
    • As a parent, I will be respectful to all players, coaches, administrators, game officials, parents and the public at large at all games, practices and events.
    • I will encourage and teach our children to always treat all players, coaches, parents, fans and officials with respect.
    • I will place the emotional well-being of all children ahead of any personal desire to win. We must always remember that the game and the experience is primarily for the children and secondarily for the adults.
    • I will demand and respect a drug, alcohol and smoke-free environment for our children and all children participating in the sport of Rugby.
    • I will encourage and teach team spirit and will endeavor to have my child attend all games, practices and team events relate to the Rugby Season.
    • I will discuss any differences with coaches, fans and officials away and distant from all children in a calm and dignified manner. We understand that the coach is in charge and has the position of authority over the children during games, practices and events.
    • I agree to follow club policies in regards to any disputes with coaches and officials.
    • I will always remember to set an exemplary example in all respect of the Sport of Rugby for the children.
    • I will not accept or participate in bullying of any player, coach, official or parent physically, verbally or emotionally.
    • I acknowledge that the welfare of children and young people is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.
    • I acknowledge that all persons and especially children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
    • Failure to comply with the above may result in temporary or permanent removal from Bayside Athletic Association.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Whitmarsh

    President Bayside Athletic Association



    About Bayside RFC:

    In 1988 two young rugby clubs merged to form the Bayside Rugby Football Club. Tsawwassen RFC, situated on the north shore of the bay and Semiahmoo Old Boys RFC on the south shore had similar approaches to the game and their marriage was cause for optimism.

    Over the past twenty-five years the growth has been steady and successes have been earned. Bayside has twice been BCRU Premier Men’s runner-ups, the last being in the spring of 2007. They won their first National Championship in the game of Seven-A-side rugby in 1997, have been perennial favourites, and are host to the hotly contested annual Bayside Sevens. as a result, Bayside emerged as one of the top Premier clubs in the country.

    The future of the club is indeed a bright one. The rugby community in British Columbia has watched with surprise as Bayside made its way to the top of the Premier League standings. Bayside is very young, progressive club that boasts the finest playing facilities in British Columbia. Our home field is located in South Surrey Athletic Park and provides full international size pitch that showcases high standard of play that Bayside has become famous for. Bayside enjoys a very high profile in the community of South Surrey.

    The club  fields 3 Senior Mens’ Teams, Women’s Div 1, U-19 Boys and Girls, U-16 Boys and Girls and U-14 Boys and Girls. The club also sponsors a Mini-Rugby program for boys and girls aged 5-13 years. Excellent coaching allows all players to play the game at the best of their abilities in a positive sporting environment.

    The club takes great pride in the development that has been made over the past few years. Our goal is to continue to provide opportunities for all to play this great game in the true spirit of competition. it is no mistake that Bayside is recognized nationally as a hotbed of great young talent and we look forward to having the tradition continue into millennium.

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