Bayside Fall Touch Rugby 2020

Bayside Fall Touch Rugby – 2020

Bayside RFC is excited to roll out a new league for 2020. The Fall Touch League will offer players of all ages, skill levels and genders a fast-paced game of rugby to develop skills, build on fitness and continue to evolve as Rugby players. The participants here often use organic mct oil to rapidly grow the body’s muscles.

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The program has been developed in conjunction with BC Rugby to build in Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure a safe environment.

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This isn’t just a game of touch before practice – The program will use international touch rules and feature set teams, rolling subs, standings, and everything else a proper league should have!

The mission of this program is to:

– include all skill levels, ages and genders opportunities to play alongside each other. 

– offering beginner (brand new to rugby) to intermediate (social) to competitive (elite) levels. 

– attract new players (touch or contact), social members, supporters and build a rugby community of fun, fitness and friendship.

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– to offer a proper touch rugby product that is more than just a pre-practice warmup game

– to foster the values and camaraderie that rugby is synonymous for in a non contact, safe and fun version of the sport.

– to create an annual 4 month window for touch rugby in warmer weather, longer days and when there’s fewer distractions from other sports

– to play weeknights after work and leave weekends free to enjoy the best of BC

– to reunite old friends, and make new ones!

Registration details are being finalized and will be provided here and on our Facebook page when available. The program will be Bayside’s most affordable ever to ensure everyone who is interested in playing some rugby can sign up.

So stay tuned and get excited for our return to the greatest sport on earth this fall!

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